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Marriage teaches you many things, but perhaps there is no greater lesson learned than this: you and your spouse are different.  That is why marriage expert John Gottman encourages couples to move away from the futile attempt to try to think alike and to instead attempt to think together.  Marriage coaching is focused on how you and your spouse can attain and maintain togetherness. The approach is founded on the concept of intentional intimacy, since no couple stumbles into an intimate relationship.  We can help you become aware of the blindspots, communicative issues, and perspective differences that can keep a marriage from ever achieving its highest potential. Further, Family coaching is offered to provide understanding on each individual family member and how the family unit can communicate and function best.


No matter where you are in your marriage or with your family,  we are here to help you.  Togetherness, connection, and fulfillment are all possible, and we would love to serve you by creating a plan of intentional intimacy for your marriage and your family.

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Marriage/Family coaching

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“We hired Clay to perform Strengths training for our family after a difficult season of communicating with each other. The kids both had their own families and children, and the parents were struggling to find their place in the new family dynamics. Strengths was incredibly helpful for understanding one another, and gave us a language to communicate with each other more effectively. It was a turning point for our family dynamics and Clay masterfully created opportunities for conversations and directed us toward our goals of working and enjoying each other in new ways. ”
– Family Coaching – The Miller Family

“Clay used Strengths as a tool to take our marriage to the next level! He showed us how our strengths caused us to look at problems and successes from different vantage points. Understanding the other person’s strengths enabled us to work together as a team in new ways. After going through his seminar, we are much more patient and understanding of each other, and make better decisions as a team because we understand each others strengths. It was an incredibly positive experience that I think every couple, family, and work team should invest in together”
– Marriage Coaching – Ross M. Campbell, MD


We are here to help you with the things that matter most