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Personal Coaching

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go
far, go together.” You have dreams, desires, and goals that, when accomplished, will
grant you personal satisfaction and success. Personal coaching is a tool to get you
where you want to be – in business and in life. We will help you go far, so that you can
be who you want to be and excel in your passions and purposes for life.

self awareness

Two different assessments are utilized in order to first gauge and then direct the coaching so that it is both efficient and effective. EQi will enable you to find the areas of emotional intelligence that are effective but also the areas that are in need of attention. StrengthsFinder will show you the natural ways you can lead, serve, and succeed in life


Certified Gallup Strengthsfinder Coach

Strengthsfinder is an assessment that helps you find the specific talents you have to utilize both at work and in your personal life. Coaching can then help you transform those talents to become strengths for you in specific arenas.

Emotional Intelligence

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

EQi is an objective assessment that enables you to determine your effectiveness in identifying and managing your emotions and the emotions of others.  It is a vital component to success in life and in business.  

the millennial Mentor

Are you a Millennial trying to find your way?  Are you a parent of a Millennial wishing you could help?  Inquire about the Millennial Mentor Path that will guide and lead to the fulfilling your purpose and achieving your goals. 

Career Transition Coaching

Finding the career that gives you the best opportunity to leverage your strengths while providing for your needs is not an easy task.  It can be disheartening to be in a job that only drains energy from you, and it can be hopeless to have no options for better alternatives.  We want to come alongside you and help you discover what you can bring to the table and what careers will give you the best opportunity to succeed.  Transition is difficult, but it does not have to last forever; let us help you move from where you are to where you have always wanted to be.


Career Transition Coaching

3-5 Sessions for assessment and strategic plan for transition. Please inquire about pricing


“Clay’s knowledge of Strengths is vast and comprehensive. With each session I not only learned a great deal but went away with areas to work on or observe between our sessions. Whether touching broadly on my top 5 Strengths or digging in deep on one particular strength, Clay always asks phenomenal questions. He consistently challenges me to learn more about myself and seek ways I can best use my Strengths in varying environments.”
– Personal Consulting –

Danna Durante

Former NCAA Women's Gymnastics Coach

“Clay has been fundamental in my personal and professional development. He approached my talents with expert articulation leading to many “Yes! That’s how I feel!” moments and he genuinely meets you where you are; whether it be a tough day at the office or a long-term improvement you’re focused on. Beyond simply a professional goal, Clay has helped me understand who I am and how to get the most out of the talents that come easiest to me in all facets of my life. I’ve become more aware, wiser, and more strategic in how I operate because of this coaching and I could not recommend Clay Kirkland any higher.”
– Personal Consulting –

Lauren Phillips

Kong HQ


We are here to help you with the things that matter most